Spring Fate!!


Hello and welcome to Grace & Graphy's Spring Fate!!

This is the supporting webpage for our Spring Fate dream for Furcadia!! To find out more about Furcadia head to www.furcadia.com!!

We decided to create this dream as an entry to the Jujinka's Spring Festival on furcadia. The criteria for the dream was that it had to be in a spring theme, to find out more about Jujinka's festival go to www.furcadia.com/spring !!

So what do you want to know about the dream?


About the map!!

When you arrive in our dream you will land in a small garden, Head out into the dream to find out what you have come across. As you enter the dream you will be issued with an ID. If you get booted out then please try again later as all the ID's are currently taken. sorry!

In the center of the map there is is a lovely Merry-go-Round, This is duo-directional, and is centered around a lovely statue of Jujinka. The Merry-go-Round is raised up ground level giving a spectacular view of the dream

When you got here you were given an ID. This gives you a 5 item inventory and 50 Gold Peices, spend your money wisely, participate in some games to get items and more money. Sell items to make space for more goods!

"Games?" I hear you say, yes we have games for you to participate in and tasks for you to fulfill, these will get you items and money to sell and buy. How about a simple game of higher and lower. The instrutions are on the paper. The games will cost you nothing, so you have nothing to lose!

To complete this task you must get the girl in the flowers a Red Balloon, But be careful you dont want to lose the balloon before you get it to her as she may have a treat for you! If the balloon pops you will have to start again!

Located above the Merry-go-Round is a Maypole, you will need 3 other furres to dance with, once you all take a ribbon by standing upto the pole, you will dance round the Maypole until you tie your ribbons in a bow!

Apple throwing can be found in the top left corner of the dream. Bump the barrel to start, the apple will move over the tables, bump the table the apple is on to throw it. Hit the plushie and you win it!!

Bumper-Furre. This is a multiplayer game for any number of furre's (we recomend 2-6). Bump the other furre's into the red zones to score points. The one with the most points at the end of the game will reasve 20 gold straight to your [cash] reserve!

Look it's a Kiwi, you will find several kiwi's running around the dream, you can sell wild Kiwi's for extra cash, but you have to catch them first!

At the bottom center of the dream there is a small well, for one gold the well will tell you a fortune. There are 32 different fortunes to get!

So now after all this fun you need a sit-down. There is a seating area to the far side of the dream with plenty of space to sit or you could alway buy yourself a pillow to sit on!

In the to right of the dream is a small pond with a fountain, another good spot to relax!

Every 5 minutes the wind will get up, make sure you hold on to, ivetentory or stand over any items you wish to keep within 20 seconds of the wind message apearing on your display as any unclaimed items will be blown away!


Dream Controls!!

In the dream you will have access to a series of commands. These you use to buy and sell items and participate in games. All commands in this dream are said within [square brackets]!

First of all we will look at shopping. To buy items walk up to the table with them on and say [buy] . To sell an item walk up to an empty table at the end of the counter and say [sell item] replacing the "item" with the name of the item you wish to sell

To see what items you have say [mine] This will show the contents of your inventory and will list the item's names. Say [cash] to find out how much money you have!

To use an item in your inventory say the item's name for example [pillow] will make any red pillows in your inventory apare at your feet. To return the item to your inventory say [get] while standing over it!

Market Prices!!

The main feature on the dream are the stalls around the dream that sell various objects. Each object is sold at an allocated price that depends on what it is. When you sell a good you will get slightly less for it than the cost of buying it. Below are a list of the sale prices available to you!

Sale Value
Pillow 10 9
Ball 20 18
Teapot 25 22
Flower 5 4
Snowdome 30 27
Plushie 40 36
Kiwi 70 63
Candle 20 18
Cheese 15 13
Key 30 27
Basket 60 54
Book 40 36
Bouquet 15 13
Box 30 27
Lollipop 5 4
Bucket 30 27

There are some special items that your cant buy, you can only get these by buying sets of items. These are listed below with what you will need to be able to get them!

Picnic Set Basket Cheese Teapot Candle [picnic]
Random object Box Key     [open box]

Grace's Twink Proofing!!

Unfortunatly no matter where your dream is and what it is for you will end up with atleast one twink! It is important to protect you dream against these people as they will go out of their way to spoil it for everyone else!!

When building a dream I always put in little extras to protect against a twink. These are not visableto the naked eye, but I use DS to stop the minority spoiling it for the rest of us!

My twink proofing includes;

Removing unused objects every 10 minutes!

Picnic Set removal after 10 minutes!

Kiwi population capping!

Money prizes going staight to winner [cash]

Other Prizes aparing under winner so that they can not be stollen

N.B. This dream DOES NOT twink-proof against theft. DO NOT get emotionally attached to your items or leave them unattended as theft is allowed!!



Map and DS: Grace Kitten and Graphite

Webpage: Grace Kitten

Items taken from Patches and Collections by: Graphite, Queen Imara, Rainytown, Everine, Talz, Sidereal, Corsyus and Circle. Some items also taken form Beekin's Jujinka Fesival patch!

Beta Testing: Carrie O'Kaye

Thank you to everyone who made this dream possible!!

N.B. All patches not made by ourselves are readily available on the furcadia patch archive, http://www.furcadia.com/patches !


For more information on the dream please feel free to contact us, you can do this either by whispering Grace Kitten on Furcadia or by emailing us at Cabbitie@hotmail.com


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