The puzzlers mansion

Welcome to the puzzlers mansion, a place where your wit will be tested to the fullest as you try to recover a baseball in this house of insanity. A variety of puzzles await you inside and outside the mansion.

Collect seven potions and make your way to the exit while the floor disappears into black depths behind your feet. Careful treading will be required here or you'll be trapped with nothing but the abyss waiting for you.
The locals may not always be friendly, so sometimes you will have to outwit them to let you pass. In this particular case you will have to get all the skeletons down or you won't be able to move through the corridor.
Other locals may not directly oppose you, but they surely will try to confuse you into taking the wrong items. Don't let them fool you though.

Also be sure to check out the unique architecture of the mansion.

The puzzlers mansion - a dream by Graphite. Thanks go out to Grace, Carrie, Arinos, Simon and Mailgurl for their suggestions and advice.