Not every dream I create fits perfectly into specific categories. Some of these dreams however deserve a place on this site as well. As such, the miscellaneous section was born, home of the oddest and weirdest dreams I've dreamt up.

Binary Dreams

Not every dream I create serves a direct purpose. This dream in particular is quite useless in fact, except possibly to educate furres about some common logic circuitry used in computing. This dream demonstrates the components that go into building binary adders, as well the binary adder itself. It has been designed such that you can see the bits 'falling' through the adder as they are manipulated and turned into the answer.

If this dream demonstrates anything, then it's that by combining a number of relatively simple scripts one can still create rather complex and interesting effects. The dream was easy enough to build to make the reward of seeing the bits tumble through the machine well worth it. The only regret I have is that I only put up a binary adder. Surely there must be more interesting circuitry out there that can be simulated.