Jujinka's Playground

Welcome to Jujinka's Playground

Jujinka's Playground is Grace Kitten and Graphite's entry to the Jujinka's Spring Festival dream contest 2005, a competition for Furcadia. This dream combines things we have done before with a new twist and some new games. Our dream is entered at the Master level.

This site will give you a sneak preview of the dream and a guide to the activities within the dream for you to do along with instructions to how the dreams and challenges work. For each puzzle you complete you will gain a piece of jigsaw. When you have all the pieces you will then be able to complete the last puzzel. Playing each game again will earn you gold that you can spend on items at the spring market.

I'm sure you want to know what the dream is all about so lets start at the beginning.

Entering the Dream

Upon entering the dream you will find yourself on a small island. Here you will not be able to move around so don't even try. You will be asked to press F2 to continue. This will allocate you with an id. This id will allow the rest of the dream to work, logging which puzzles you have done and which items you own. It will also allow you to carry items, as in the main part of the dream item pick-up is disabled.

You are now on your way to the arrivals area, the true start to the dream. You can wait here for your friends, Please do not idle or wait for your friends in the id allocation zone.

Leaving this area you will find yourself by a small pond, head southeast to get to the puzzles. These I will run through in an anti-clockwise order, you can do them in which ever order you like.

About the Challenge

Taking the first right in the path will take you to Memory. This is just like any other version of memory you may have seen. There are 10 pillows to be matched, use F3 to reveal two of the pillows. If you get a correct match the items will stay, but get it wrong and they will disappear. You can make 10 mistakes before you have to start over.

The next puzzle around is the Magic Path. when you enter you will find the way out is blocked, but if you walk down the path the blocks will disappear into the ground. Lower all the blocks by walking the path in the right order. This will allow to complete the puzzle.

Below this puzzle on the next road to the left is Sokoban. If you know how to play this it should be easy enough. All you have to do is push the crates around the maze and lock them into place on the grated floors. Be careful of the sides though, as you may get the crate stuck if you get to close. Successfully locked crates will change colour and become unmoveable.

To the left of Sokoban is Taxi. Build a road for the taxi to get to the other side before the time runs out. Press F3 to lay the next bit of road. A piece can not be moved once it has been put down so check the lines at the sides to see what is coming next.

Below Taxi is Sliders. When you enter this dream your character will disappear and you will see a cradle. Use the arrow keys to move the cradle arround the game. Press F3 to lock and unlock the cradle for the sliders to move them around the game. Match the pattern on the other side to complete this challenge.

To the right of Sliders there is a large grass area, If you talk to the NPC Furres here, they will give you the challenges on your quest to complete the main challenge. Do as each furre asks to get the puzzle peice. Be careful with these items or you will have to pay for replacements out of your own pocket to get the puzzle piece.

Now you are two-thirds of the way through your quest, you will come to the Tele-Maze. As you may notice this maze is broken into sections, so you need to use the coloured floors to move from section to section. Red tiles move you 1 space forward, orange 2 spaces forward and yellow 3 spaces.

Mastermind is our next challenge. Match the pins to the secret code at the top to complete this one. You can change the pin colours by pressing F3 while standing above them. There are 6 colours in all and they could be in any combination. Walking into the four smaller holes at the side you can see how much is right. White pins in the small holes mean you have the right colour but its in the wrong place and black ones mean the right colour and the right place. Which these refer to you have to find out yourself. But watch out, you only have 12 tries.

The last task you have to complete in the main challenge is to weave your way out of our Magic Floor Trap. as you move over the floors the grates at the 3 exits will open and close, you can only get out if both grates at any one exit are both closed.

Once you have completed all the puzzles above you have all the jigsaw pieces and will be ready to take on the main challenge. A jigsaw slider is located near the top of dream. This makes up a nine piece picture of Jujinka herself. Complete this for a special treat of a unique item.

Other things to do

I suppose you're wondering what else there is to do once you have completed the main challenge.

For those of you that like tricky puzzels there is Solitaire. Too tricky for the quest it is available to play as a seperate game. Press F3 on the marble you wish to move and a shadow will appear in any spaces you can move it to. F3 on that spot you wish to move it to and it will move, removing the marble that it just jumped. Remove all the marbles except one to receive a reward.

If you want to play a game with a friend then Isis and Osiris is what you're after. Fill all the spaces with a Stone or a Card, the one with the highest score wins. To place a Stone press F2 and for a card press F3. The aim of this game is to place your Stones and Cards in such a way that all your Stones are near positive Cards and all your opponents stones are next to negative ones. Though Cards are placed face up to start off with, they will turn when the next player moves, so remember where those positives are. The score is tallied by adding and subtracting the numbers on the cards next to your stones to give you your final score. The winner is the one with the highest score when all the spaces on the board are full.

Take a trip on the railway line for a tour of the dream, you can board or depart the train at either the Blue, Green or Orange stations. These are placed around the dream. Orange is near Memory, Blue near Mastermind and Green below the grassy area. Use the train as an easy way to get between puzzles or to see what other furres are up to. The coloured tiles line up with the seats when the train stops.

Do the challenge games again to get gold, use the gold to buy items at the stands in the grassy area. Each stand carries a selection of items. Some of these you can combine to make rare items.

You will notice several circular tiles in the grass, these are trade points. If you want to give a item you have to someone else place it on this spot and then move away so that they can pick it up. You can not do this on the grass due to anti-litter proofing that will remove any item that is not being used. Rare items include the picnic and the floating pillow. If you are in a group of four then you can dance around one of the maypoles together. Stand at the foot of the pole and the rest will happen automatically.

Controls and Costs

Command Description
@status Tells you which puzzles you have done, how much gold you have and which items you own.
@basket Used to place any basket you own at your feet, or to return it to your inventory.
@lute Used to place any lute you own at your feet, or to return it to your inventory.
@teddy Used to place any plushie you own at your feet, or to return it to your inventory.
@pillow Used to place any pillow you own at your feet, or to return it to your inventory.
@book Used to place any book you own at your feet, or to return it to your inventory.
@teapot Used to place any teapot you own at your feet, or to return it to your inventory.
@bucket Used to place any bucket you own at your feet, or to return it to your inventory.
@cheese Used to place any cheese you own at your feet or to return it to your inventory.
@kiwi Used to place any kiwi you own at your feet, or to return it to your inventory.
@box Used to place any box you own at your feet or to return it to your inventory.
@key Used to place any box you own at your feet or to return it to your inventory.
@floater Used to place any floating pillow you own at your feet, or to pick it up again.
@special Used to place the special item you can win by doing the mainquest at your feet, or to pick it up again.
@take This comand can also be used to pick up any item at your feet.
@picnic Will place a picnic set at your feet, this will only work if you have all the pieces of the picnic set, i.e. a basket, a teapot, and cheese.
@unlock Will use the key to open the box, giving you the unique item within.
@read Will allow you to read the book.


Item Cost Item Cost
Basket 1 Pillow 2
Lute 2 Book 2
Plushie 3 Teapot 2
Bucket 1 Kiwi 4
Cheese 1 Box 3
Key 1 . .


Map: Grace Kitten
Ds: Graphite
Patchwork: Graphite, Deedlit, Beekin's Jujinka Festival patch
Testing: Grace and Graphite
Site: Grace Kitten


If you have any further questions about the dream, any comments to make or wish to report to me that patchwork has not been credited correctly please email us at the address below.