Welcome to this quick guide to COLDFusion, my entry for Danival's Winter Festival 2006 Dream Contest. If you just want to get started, then look further below for the rules of the game and how to play it. If you're interested in the dream itself and how things in it work, be sure to read the sections beneath the rules as well.

How to play

Tricks and Tips

The making of...

Over the years I've entered a few contests, both for the wolfhowl and the spring contests, sometimes alone, sometimes with my girlfriend. In all cases though the dream tended to consist of a simple quest and a set of puzzles and games that needed to be played.

This time I decided to do things differently. I wanted to see whether I could make a dream that is so vastly different from Furcadia that it would seem a stand-alone game. ColdFusion was the end-result of this.

ColdFusion utilises a fair number of "dirty tricks" to do what it does. As you may have already noticed, the viewport was expanded to cover most of the furcadia window (something that Felorin advised against when skinning first became possible). All tabs have been removed, the butler was reduced to a 1x1 pixel area. All items, floors, and furres were completely cleared or replaced by custom graphics.

There are a total of 71 game areas for furres to use. When a furre enters he is assigned an empty game area and when he has left it is reclaimed again. All data for each of the game areas is stored locally (beneath the cold-fusion logo to be precise) and is loaded into variables when it is needed.

ColdFusion has its own set of colours. For this reason alone use of the default graphics was not possible since they looked absolutely hideous in the new colours. Unfortunately the dream-editor and the patch-editor DO use the default palette, so my custom graphics look absolutely horrid when seen in either of those programs. Fortunately the final result is worth it though.