Real Life

In the world commonly referred to as "offline" I am a 33 years old male (provided I remember to update this page when I grow older) and a proud inhabitant of the Netherlands. I am known to dabble in a lot of things. I've done some writing in the past, I've created a few flash games, I play around with javascript (both private and professionally) and I draw from time to time.



Since march of 2002 I have been roaming around on the game called Furcadia under the guise of Graphite. Though I have had a bit of an on/off-relationship with the game, I have so far always found myself being drawn back there. One of the great things about it is the fact that any player can create so-called dreams for the game, areas of your own devising, ranging from a simple home to a complex scripted game with custom graphics.

For those wishing to contact me in the game, my public aliases are:

GraphiteMy main character (as depicted on the right)