Why Bottled Indigo, you may ask and a fair question it would be. It's non-descriptive and vague; it has no discernable meaning, no hint of what the site might contain. And that is exactly why it is the perfect name for this place.

When I first decided on creating this site, I had no clear idea of what exactly I'd end up putting up. I had some ideas, for sure, but I also knew that those ideas might change with time, some might disappear, new ones might pop up. The name of the site went through hundreds of iterations, each name discarded for being not quite right, too specific, or just plain taken. I wanted a name that had a ring to it, a name one might be able to remember, but not one that pinned me down on one specific topic.

And then I thought of Bottled Indigo. It was unique, had a nice ring to it and it did not tie me down in any way. I could develop games, write tutorials and walkthroughs for games or just write poetry about monkeys and still the site name would not seem out of place.